We see you, small businesses. And we're here to introduce a new dynamic duo.

The founders of ProudLocalYYC craved a complete list of local products and services, so they created a platform for small businesses in Calgary.

Local shops can register to be listed on the ProudLocalYYC platform for free in exchange for offering Calgary residents discounts and benefits unlocked by their membership card.

The ProudLocalYYC team noticed that small businesses needed various marketing, advertising, and graphic design services they could implement as quickly as they were growing.

The ProudLocalYYC + Upper Brand Marketing integrated partnership was designed to provide a comprehensive list of services to empower and educate small businesses.


Our mission is no small undertaking but does involve small businesses. We aim to create a complete list of local Calgary businesses and a discount system for those who continually support them.

And through the ProudLocalYYC + Upper Brand Marketing integrated partnership, we will offer creative agency support where the work is inclusive, diverse, and socially and sustainably responsible. And most importantly, work we are proud to put our name on.


If every small business in Calgary was listed on the ProudLocalYYC platform, we would be happy campers! But ultimately, our goal is for you to be known for that thing you do really, really well. Gaining brand recognition is a process. One ProudLocalYYC + Upper Brand Marketing will fill with milestones, not headaches.

Our vision is to seamlessly fit into the extended shop family—kind of like the artsy cousin and less like aunt Karen and her one too many cats.


We believe in the power of the small business economy that shapes our city. Local goods and services should always be valued, prioritized, and championed.

A city can create a safe and inclusive space by how they treat and run small businesses. Offering sustainable alternatives allows citizens to vote with their dollars, and opening doors to everyone creates allyship and community.

Drop a line

 If you’ve got a project that you’ve been too overwhelmed to pull the trigger on, give us a shout and we can get the ball rolling by breaking that big exciting, scary dream into digestible action steps. We’re good at it because we’ve been there. Creating holistic strategies that tie together brand identity + positioning, photography, marketing plans, social media management, copywriting and video production. But hey, if you have a fully realized dream and just need a dynamic team to execute on it, we promise we can follow directions too just don’t hate us if we have a few suggestions.