Services we are really into right now:


If you are looking to get your brand off the ground or would like some clarity surrounding your tone of voice, target audience or just how legitimate you come across, reach out and we will send you our tiered branding package outline.

What we can do for you


Brand development is our passion. We take the time to understand and create your brand identity and design all your brand assets so you can stand out from the competition. As you grow and evolve as a company, your brand should grow with you. We have a hands-on approach to understanding your business goals and defining who your company is while providing you with guidance and ongoing support.

Web Design

Your website is arguably your most important asset. We help showcase your brand and tell your story through customized web design. Our websites are built smartly and built to last. We make sure they’re light-weight and fast-loading with the proper backend structure so you’re always set up for success. Our designers will craft a unique, gorgeous site equipped with SEO and ongoing updates and technical support.

Social Media Management

Get your brand noticed on social media! Upper Brand’s social gurus will develop a solid strategy to increase brand awareness and engagement with your target audience. We work with your team to define your goals and develop a strategy to achieve those goals. We go beyond just posting for the sake of it; there is a purpose behind every post.

Layout + Production

We turn your ideas into beautiful works of art with thoughtful layouts and high quality production. Our graphic design team is professional and creative. Let Upper Brand design stunning marketing collateral that sells! From brochures to case studies, pitch decks to business cards, we love all things design and work with you to build your marketing arsenal that’s cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. 


A big part of our job as communicators is to convey your messages in a simple and easy-to-understand manner—tailored towards your target audience. An illustration can depict a thousand words and keep engagement rates high! Some examples of where illustration can do the heavy lifting are through icon sets, editorial spot illustrations, complex diagrams, patterned elements and packaging design.  


Copy writing services go hand-in-hand with website design and social media management. We take a thoughtful, witty and educated approach to copy writing to elevate your brand with words that make an impact. We research your target audiences and develop compelling content that will resonate with them. We’re never boring and always think “how can we make this cooler?”

We are intrinsically motivated, constantly working to achieve measurable results for our clients. We work smart, and we make things attractive, functional, and with intention.

Drop a line

 If you’ve got a project that you’ve been too overwhelmed to pull the trigger on, give us a shout and we can get the ball rolling by breaking that big exciting, scary dream into digestible action steps. We’re good at it because we’ve been there. Creating holistic strategies that tie together brand identity + positioning, photography, marketing plans, social media management, copywriting and video production. But hey, if you have a fully realized dream and just need a dynamic team to execute on it, we promise we can follow directions too just don’t hate us if we have a few suggestions.